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TSG maintains and updates annually a library of more than 100 different compensation and benefit surveys covering thousands of jobs in regions across the country.

To our knowledge, prevailing wages provided by TSG have been accepted by the federal and state governments at a very high rate.

Prevailing Wage Reports

The Survey Group (TSG) offers prevailing wage reports to support US H-1B visa applications and permanent labor certifications. TSG's reports rely on a library of more than 100 current compensation and benefit surveys which cover thousands of specialty occupation positions. Our reports can cover a position based anywhere in the US.

While standard Occupation Employment Statistics (OES) reflect 4 levels, surveys used by TSG provide data on multiple job levels resulting in a prevailing wage that aligns more closely with your position's qualifications. And TSG extended reports address US Department of Labor GAL No. 2-98 standards.


TSG standard reports for H-1B visa applications contain:

  1. Title of the survey used and the page number where the information was found.
  2. Survey publisher and date of publication
  3. Job title as found in the survey
  4. Weighted average salary
  5. Geographic location
  6. Brief description of survey methodology

Extended Reports

TSG provides extended reports for perm/labor certifications. These reports are also available for H-1B visa applications upon request. TSG extended reports include all of the standard report information plus a description of the survey methodologies, survey participant profiles and survey sample sizes. For locations outside of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, TSG can only provide research.

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